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Upgrade Sat Nav and mirrors

Geraldy212 May 21, 2007

  1. Geraldy212

    Geraldy212 Sportback owner

    Does anyone know what it takes to upgrade a 2006 RSN E Sat Nav to include the TV option?
    Also, how does one go about upgrading the external mirrors so that they retract (switch on drivers door)?
    Any advice appreciated.:music:
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    To add TV to the RNS-E, you can either source an OE Audi unit (expensive and rare), or look on eBay for a Dietz 1417 (click here to search for it). They simply hook up between the RNS-E and any multimedia output.

  3. Found this on www.satnavsystems.com

    Dual Digital TV Tuner

    *Specially design to work with All Audi Navigation Systems

    *This unit is fully controlled via Sat/Nav Screen (no need for separate remote)

    Back to products page.
    function openpopup(popurl){var winpops=window.open(popurl,"","width=480px,height=640px,status,resizable")}​

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]The key features and benefits of the Digi Tune are:

    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Clear, sharp digital picture quality – Digi Tune delivers improved reception capability and reduced interference – nearly eliminating the ghosting and blurred images that are usually associated with analog systems.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Access to free-to-view terrestrial digital channels – Digi Tune opens up a wide choice of channels, including TV and radio.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Interactive viewing – Digi Tune provides access to an electronic program guide, and where available digital services like teletext and on-screen subtitles.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Multiple screen format options – Digi Tune on-screen menu selection includes 4:3, 16:9 and wide screen viewing formats.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Automatic station tuning – Digi Tune is easy to set up and use with an automatic station tuning function and clear on-screen menu guide.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Safe and simple operation via an infrared remote control – Digi Tune functions operate with full remote control, so rear seat passengers can adjust the TV without removing their safety belts.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Compatible with premium quality in-car entertainment systems – Digi Tune is fully functional with most premium quality in-car systems and is fully compatible with In-car entertainment products.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]“The move to digital broadcasting in the UK is leading the rest of Europe. British consumers often have quicker exposure to new technologies, therefore, market development moves very quickly”, the introduction of digital TV 'on the move' and as the demand for digital broadcasting grows our products will offer a solution”.[/FONT] [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]The DVB-T represents the first major opportunity for current in-car rear seat entertainment users to significantly enhance their viewing options. The ability to achieve high quality TV reception has been a long-term objective. With the introduction of Digi Tune, everyone from family users to long haul commercial drivers can now take a little bit of home with them.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]“The UK’s broadcasting industry move to total digital transmission has been set, with changeover from analog to digital expected by sometime in 2012”[/FONT]

    Was GBP£499.00
    Saving: GBP£100.00
    Convert into your own Currency

    More Information
  4. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Looks good but a bit pricey. The Dietz is around £125 plus delivery from eBay, and it is well-proven device according to those who fitted it on http://www.navplus.us.
  5. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    So can you watch any channel?

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