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Upgrade parts and advice needed

markoturbo May 30, 2012

  1. markoturbo

    markoturbo New Member

    I have a 98 S4 which has the dreaded rattle from the left manifold. I work in a garage that can do the labour for fairly cheap but what is the best option to sort the manifold? Has anyone had any experience with the xs power engine back system? While the engine is out it seems sensible to fit ko4's so would it be better to fit RS4 manifolds? Does anyone have any or know of any RS4 turbos, manifolds and inter coolers for sale?
    Ebay sells an exhaust system with KO4's for £999. Would I be wise to stay well clear of this?
    Lastly any other upgrades that I should do while I have the opportunity? Injectors, fuel pump.
    Any comments and suggestions welcome.
  2. Turbo unit

    Turbo unit Member

    Depends on how fare you are willing to go....standard injectors only good for 380bhp....Decent mods on a s4 are

    *k04s genuine( you will regreat putting on knock offs want last)
    *deka injectors
    *044 pump or rs4 pump
    *rs4 smc or xc front mount
    *xs power exhaust good for the money( ive got the turbo back system sounds mint)

    While engine is out melse well do timing belt water pump n thermostate!!!..

    Pluse you have PM

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