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Upgrade Investigation

jameshughes1974 May 8, 2008

  1. I have a 1998 Audi A4 with the AFN 110 BHP engine.
    I am aware of the verious tuning options availible but I am after some specifics.

    Has anyone done something along the lines of this to the above car

    11mm pump
    .216 injectors(real .216/van ones not the later .216 but actualy smaller ones )
    pd130 turbo
    remap to pull the above together.

    I am aware that this is potentialy a clutch killer.
    I know people have done this kind of thing with golfs and the like but Audi's inline engine means there is not much space for the turbo.
    My questions are
    What did this do to your fuel economy?
    What was the smoke like compared to stock
    Was an uprated intercooler needed or is the stock one enough?
    The car would still be a daily driver so it still needs to idle nicely and drive smoothly until power is needed.
  2. have you found www.tdiclub.com ? very helpful forum for all things diesel. lots on the FAQ tab aswell.
  3. Hi
    Yes I know of tdiclub.com
    It has a lot of very good info on it.
    I am looking for a more Audi based experiance, A lot of the cars they are doing things with are Golf/jetta which have traverse engines.
    Whilst the engines are basicaly the same there can be enought differences in VW/Audi and USA/UK to present problems.
    For example I am not so sure that the Audi would need a uprated intercooler as the oem placement seems to be ok to me.
    Because Audi A4 engines are inline there isnt much room for bigger turbos.
    Also our emission regulations are different and although I quite fancy a faster diesel I dont want to be on the failed end of an MOT.
    But yes you are correct , there is a lot of useful info there.
  4. emissions are a lot more stringent in the US so if the mods pass smog test over there i am sure we wont have a problem.
    If you ever have a problem with emissions , run tank to near empty , throw in 10 litres of biodiesel , MOT it , fill up with normal diesel after. Personally i wouldnt run on pure bio 'full time' due to unknown long term effects on pump seals.(£$£$£$).
    Ive given up now on throwing money at engines/cars/toys . End of the day national limit is 70 , too many speed cameras/cash traps about , derv is £1.20 a litre ......................
    As long as my car will cruise at 70/80 there is no problem.
    Just out of interest why do you want to go faster ?

    (feck im starting to sound like my dad)
  5. Why do I want to go faster?
    I did my sums and came up with spending say £1000 on making a diesel go faster is still cheaper than the running costs of owning a 150-200BHP 1.8T.Plus my A4 is in rather good nick and came with the factory fitted sports suspension and competition alloys.
    I am not realy interested in putting cars on dynos for a my D**k is bigger than yours contest!
    So I am happy to keep it for a while because the age of the engine would give me flexibility when the £1.20 derv becomes £1.50 - £2.00 a litre in the next 18 months(yes our goverment is screwing us over - there is enough economicaly viable oil shale deposits in the world for 200 years of oil not the 30 odd we keep hearing -getting side tracked)I am not fussed about the price of a seal (biofuel) as labour costs would be done by me.
    So yes like you I had largely given up on chucking money at cars, indeed my car is 10 years old - see how many older number plates are on the road on your way home tonight!
    I dont consider myself part of the boy racer brigade but there are times when the extra accelaration would be useful, in particular to close the door on all the drivers who think they do not have to queue every day like most of us do every day going to and from work around Chester.

    So I want the occasional use of poke whilst maintaining some status quo of diesel economy!

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