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upgrade a6 avant system........ woodstock + amp and 12"

shufti Jun 20, 2006

  1. shufti

    shufti Member

    i want to upgrade the standard head unit to a blaupunkt woodstock to give me mp3 and dab and hopefully a sound improvement on standard speakers........?

    plan is to keep the speaker system how it is including the 6" sub and small amp in the boot (may put a passive crossover in line of sub so it's only doing mid bass) & add a 12" sub and seperate amp which i already have.


    is standard 8 speaker system + small sub run off the amp in the boot or off head unit?
    when i remove audi cassette will i find standard rca pre-out lead to the current amp?
    does the woodstock give me full active control over sub including dedicated low pass rca connection?

    any suggestions? will this sound ok? will i benefit from dynamat in doors or is the next thing upgrade the components?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The rears and sub are off the amp, the fronts off the HU (non Bose)
    No standard RCA's on Audi HU's, they use mini-ISO, but the Blaupunkt uses the same mini-ISO so will be plug & play. You will need an antenna amp though for FM.
    The Woodstock supposedly has a seperate sub pre-out but it is a bizarre wiring setup for it and the manual is next to useless, so I ran mine off the rear pre-out.
    There is no control over it anyway as far as I could fathom so I wasn't that fussed. I ran the sub and Alpine front components off a 4ch Alpine F400 amp and ran the stock rears off the HU so I can fade to rear to get more sub without the rears becoming too loud.
    Personally I would disconnect the Audi sub, you can get plenty off mid bass from the door speakers as they are bolted to the doors rather than the door cards. I would also buy some semi decent front components.
  3. shufti

    shufti Member

    that sounds like a plan............
    i will run the woodstock on the front speakers for the time being and later i'll add decent front components with a dedicated amp. can you fit 6.5" mids in the front doors?

    what's the amp lead set up on the woodstock then? 3 stereo mini-iso's?

    is it a standard lead to convert the iso's to standard rca for the sub amp and future front amp?

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