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Updating pre-facelift A6

d-9 Feb 26, 2014

  1. d-9

    d-9 New Member

    I've just bought myself a 2001 2.7T A6 manual, absolutely love it. A bit like driving a very fast jelly, but really capable and pleasant to drive, after 3 years in a M3 I find myself enjoying driving again! Its in with audi now having the cambelt done and I'm pricing up some replacement dampers, so hopefully it'll be back how it should soon :)

    My only gripe is that it looks rather old manish with the grey bottom bumpers and the multi-row grilles. Can the later body coloured bumpers be fitted, or could I fit RS6 bumpers, without fitting the wings too?

    The other thing I've been wondering about is removing the ESP button (stashing it behind the dash somewhere) and blanks and fitting a second cupholder, does it go straight in?
  2. willh

    willh New Member

    Ha ha - I've also considered the second cupholder mod...! What have I become?!
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  3. Ben jah min

    Ben jah min Member

    S6 / RS6 are wide body shells, so the 'best' you can fit is a facelift one unless you want a rs6 'style' bodykit that won't be OE quality and probably fibreglass :S

    If you've got the 2.7 TT id strongly advise paying a visit to MRC as those guys are wizards of those engines as they're based on a B5 s4 lump
  4. d-9

    d-9 New Member

    Thats a shame, I was hoping the bumpers are the same width. Not really in the market for fibreglass bumpers, too old for that! Do the facelift bumper grilles fit?

    I'm planning on removing the pre-cats before I get it remapped, then either going with the stock S4 map, which will give about 55bhp for free, or head to MRC and get it mapped.

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