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Up In Smoke!!!

lilegbeaner16 May 26, 2004

  1. lilegbeaner16

    lilegbeaner16 New Member

    I was tryint to catch up with my friend with his new SS, and i was doing a good job, when he was braking of course. We were doing this for about 10 mins, untill when we came to a stop light and there was smoke comin frlom my right rear wheel. Havent had a chance to check it out yet becuz its dark out. Friend told me it was my caliper that froze up on me! Is it fixable, or do i have to replace it now?
  2. eddyg

    eddyg Member


    I had this, nothing wrong with the callipers, just the pads getting so hot that they start burning, you would probably have noticed your brakes fading towards the end as well. What you need to do is continue driving (don't just stop and let them burn) and try not to use your brakes at all for a while and let them cool down.

    Hopefully you didn't use your handbrake after all that.

    Cheers, Edward.


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