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Unsung Female heroes of Motoring Industry

TomWallace May 20, 2014

  1. TomWallace

    TomWallace New Member


    et’s take you back to a snowy day in 1903; Mary Anderson is on a tour of New York. She is having a hard time seeing the New York sights because of bad weather. Mary notices that the driver has to reach through his window every few minutes to wipe the snow off his windscreen with his hand. Sometimes he even sticks his head out of his window to see where he is going! At this point, she thinks of an idea to solve a common problem and back home in Alabama, Anderson comes up with a device with a long rubber blade placed on the windscreen that can be controlled from inside the car; and the windscreen viper was born. This component has become one of the most important parts of modern cars. Hats off to Mary Anderson!

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