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Unknown occasional intermitant rumble from off side front wheel

fjrsmithy Aug 27, 2012

  1. fjrsmithy

    fjrsmithy New Member

    On my 04 2.5TDI Allroad I have an intermitant noise from the OSF front wheel which I can feel as well as hear. The wheel bearing has no play and spins freely when jacked up.
    It sounds like something is catching every time the wheel revolves. It is only present between 20 and 65mph It started on LH bends, but now occasionalyy kicks in on the straight. Sometimes it just stops for several miles. It is hardly noticeable in the wet.
    There is a bit of brake judder and the pads 'creak' just before the car stops when manoevering in my yard. There is no 'creaking' when stopping from high speed or hard low.
  2. ms1083

    ms1083 Member

    Check the metal shields around the pront pads are not bent/distorted/rubbing on the disc. also check no stones caught intbetween guards & discs.
  3. fjrsmithy

    fjrsmithy New Member

    This is a pain. It ablsolutly p...ed it down today and of course the noise stopped! I will have to take out the pads and have a look behind the sheild.
    I have driven over 800,000 miles in Audis and never had this occur. My last A4 avant 2.5tdiSE did 280,000 miles with no faults what so ever and this A6 2.5TDI Se Allraod has now done 170,000 and started this nonsense!
  4. TwistedMind

    TwistedMind Long Live The A6

    Check the play in suspension arms, the rubbers don last that long.

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