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Unit 20

Mesa Apr 11, 2013

  1. Mesa

    Mesa Member

    Hi guys,

    Long time member but barely a post to my name (shame on me).

    Last year I bought a facelift A3 2.0 tfsi Quattro sportback. It's an 05 but has had a facelift. I believe it belonged to a member on here once upon a time, bulldog I think.

    Anyway the car has since had a few thousand spent on it, getting it in top condition before I start sacrificing my kids university fund on mods. Over the last year it's had too many standard bits replaced to mention.

    Recently I've started wanting a little more from it. Previously I had the older 8l 1.8t Quattro with a stage 2 Revo, tuned by Badger with updated suspension/chassis, S3 gearbox, breaks etc and it felt awesome.

    Over the last few weeks my cars been treated to a couple of visits to Unit 20 (Neston, Wirral) where it's had a full health check and amongst other things a new divertor valve, a weeping diff fixed, updated panel filter and yesterday I got it back with a stage 1 Viper map.

    I was going to get a Revo map put on but as only a stage 1 I figure there's only so much you can do/expect and the only real difference will be the delivery over the curve. Well I'm massively impressed with not just the stage 1 over stock but the whole Unit 20 experience. Martin and the guys are so friendly, knowledgable and passionate I was content my car was in safe hands. I even got a nice folder to start my project off with along with a few goodies you wouldn't get from other faceless companies.

    The Viper map is so smooth unlike the Revo. Power feels more plentiful and torque is so much more usable, especially useful for my daily 45 mile each way motorway commute.

    I will be back for more. Next I'm going to sort the stance out by lowering and maybe putting some spacers on. Then longer term it will be a full turbo back Miltek, Forge Twintake induction and HP fuel pump (+Revo stg2).

    I don't work for Unit 20 or Viper, haven't been asked to write this and am not being endorsed in any way to wax layrical. The post is to help anyone else looking at either Unit 20 or a Viper stage 1 map. I do t think you'll be disappointed with either.

    See you all soon.
  2. big harty

    big harty Member

    Glad you have had such a good experience. I can highly recommend the forge twin take. Looks awsome and sounds great.

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