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Unhappy customer :-(

roston100 Dec 23, 2011

  1. roston100

    roston100 Member

    I know that SKY are the brokers and I guess its not all their fault, however I thought I should post my story on here so others can see the other side rather than just people posting good stories.

    5 weeks ago my car was vandalised and I immediately rang the insurance, gave them a crime reference number etc. It took 2 weeks before someone came to look at my car (they were due to come a week earlier but failed to show and didnt even call to say they werent coming) - and they didnt even come when i was there! I had an answer phone message saying they had been to look at my car at 7am (I was asleep) and taken pics of my car and could see the damage done to the rear of the car (there was no damage to the rear of the car - it was all down the driver side). A week later I got another call from the insurance company saying that the people who looked at my car were from a garage that they worked with. The insurance company werent happy with what they were told by the garage so sent an inspector to see my car (another 10 days later). He came and took pics again and said i would hear back within 3 days. 7 days passed and still nothing so after 3 seperate phone calls this week i got the hump and finally got through to someone - he told me he has the report and needs to look through it and will get back to me next friday!! He also asked me why i had asked that garage to view my car - i told him i didnt, and that they were sent from the insurance company to which he claimed they are not a company used by the insurance company. So basically - they clearly dont know their ass from their elbow and im now waiting another week (will be over 6) just for an update on getting my car repaired.

    I guess its also worth me noting that when i rang them on the day, I asked for them to get someone to come and repair my rear window as it had been smashed - the guy on the phone asked ME if my windscreen excess was covered my damage - surely thats his job?!?!

  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    id change companies. they sound like muppets. no-way would should you have to put up with that level of incompence.
  3. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    most people sing their praises because they got a cheap qoute but you find out how good/profesional they are when it comes to making a claim. its worth paying an extra few quid to be treated profesionally
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Poor experience, if they the broker who actually supplies the insurance?
  5. roston100

    roston100 Member

    a company called "Chaucer" - neither SKY or Chaucer have a clue what they are doing from my experience.
  6. skyinsurance

    skyinsurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor


    I am sorry to hear this. I have dropped you a PM requesting your details so we can look into this and offer a reply and resolution.

    In our experience Chaucer are a fantastic insurer, it is very rare indeed we have any complaints about their claim handling service.


    Sky Insurance
  7. roston100

    roston100 Member

    just to update - they had promised they would call me today, but have they? of course not! Will try and get hold of them tomorrow. Shocking service!

    Pm sent btw Ollie

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