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Uneven Rear Tyre Wear

8ig_steve Dec 20, 2011

  1. 8ig_steve

    8ig_steve Member

    My A3 Sportback Sport has got to 16k miles and needs new front tyres, both have worn evenly if not a bit more down the middle suggesting tyre pressure could be a bit lower in future. I am happy with that.

    BUT the rear tyres, I have discovered, have worn badly on the outer edges (1.6mm outer edge 5mm inner edge) which I am extremely unhappy about.

    I have had the tracking checked and all is OK, Mr Audi says this is normal, I am thinking half my rear tyre life has been wasted.

    The car is running on standard factory suspension, wheels etc

    Any thoughts on this problem??
  2. cloughy

    cloughy Member

    sounds like wheels were not correctly balanced

    steer clear of Audi when the time comes to purchase tyres, find a reputable local fitter
  3. Agent_Trig

    Agent_Trig Member

    You've had the tracking done, but have you had proper 4 wheel alignment done? Costs anywhere from £50 upwards depending on how far out your wheels are.

    I wouldn't have thought it is the balancing that is at fault as you would be experiencing some vibrations through the floor.

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