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Understanding the S3

ritmark Jun 9, 2005

  1. ritmark

    ritmark Member

    Hi all

    having lots of fun now with the AMD remap - and i've got the bug now

    Before I start looking to spend any more hard earned readies I thought it would be a sensible idea to try and understand the workings of the S3 a little better

    Does anyone have - or can suggest any links where I can read about how the engine / turbo etc etc function. - diagrams, how it works - components etc relating to the S3

    I apologise in advance if this information is already freely available somewhere and I just havent realised - I obviously dont mean just reading the user manual

    When I first had a car ( 15 years ago)I used to service it myself and change the necessary brakes and fluids but since then I have gradually become a little disinterested in the inner workings ( usually as a result of time) and I am a little out of touch

    Do they do a haynes manual for the S3 ? - is it any good ?

    Would appreicate any suggestions (sarcasm always appreciated - as long as its reasonably constructive)

  2. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member

    Haynes manual out next month, don't think it includs the S3.
    You might be find the Audi ElsaWin disks on ebay, not legal though!

    Haynes A3 Manual
  3. CzGordon

    CzGordon New Member

  4. ritmark

    ritmark Member

    Thanks all

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