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phoenixv6quattro Nov 3, 2010

  1. phoenixv6quattro

    phoenixv6quattro staylowmovefast

    FINALLY!!!, Got a carpet back in my avant after a long quest for one that was in good nik and fairly local. Went down the carpet shop before i put it in (which was a complete *******) and bought some 12mm thick acoustic underlay. Now I looked into the famous Dynamatt but it is HORRENDOUSLY expensive so that idea was canned! The underlay form the carpet bods cost me just £18 for 4 sq meters and that included 800ml of spray adhesive to secure it to the bare metal chest of the cars floorplan. Now because this stuff was 12mm thick it obviously made the carpet once dropped (wrestled more like it) on top 12mm higher than it would be so getting all the trim etc back over it was a real pain but do-able with a bit of swearing and patience.......Bloody hell though it makes a hell of a lot of difference! Road noise is reduced by at least 50%, the car is warmer, and all the bits of trim that used to rattle don't anymore due to the fit(12mm higher) being tighter and snugger than before. Highly reccomended if you can really be *****, or have to take the carpet out for any reason (all Avant owners check your rear washer pipe connctions.....lol)


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