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under bonnet cleaning

wackojacko May 17, 2007

  1. wackojacko

    wackojacko Member

    iv only just got my a3 recently and i had a look under the bonnet and i took the plastic cover off and it was grimey is the best word. what is the best thing to clean it with. any help cheers matthew
  2. jr001

    jr001 Member

    :icon_thumright: Hiya,

    An engine degreaser/cleaner, different sized paint brushes for spreading. A hose or even maybe a watering can for rinsing. Don't worry about getting electricals wet, cover them with silver foil. Make sure your MAF inlet doesn't get soaked either. I just use AG Engine Degreaser but there are others also. Have you read the PB Guide??



    Done the top of my engine bay for the first time the other day and it came up quite nice but I didn't give the engine block itself a going over and I didn't get too deep either. Another day!!

    The black plastics and rubbers also came up well after using Sonus Tyre and Bumper Dressing. Poorboys Bold n Bright next for engine rubbers maybe. I believe there's some on its way from Aberdeen:yes: .
  3. wackojacko

    wackojacko Member

    cheers mate i will have a read of that :icon_thumright:

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