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Under 21 need advises on insurance.

H88 May 5, 2012

  1. H88

    H88 Member


    I want to buy my GF a car and she like peugout 206 1.4. However when I check her insurance with Tesco,it cost around 3100 for third party fire and theft and 3550 for fully comprehensive. She is not 21 until end of the year. Anyone out there known any good company that do insurance for young driver?I have search quite few other companies but they seem to be expensive.

    Also she has the licence less than 1 year and address for insurance is in bournemouth.

    Any advises will much appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. audigex

    audigex Active Member

    First step, use online price comparison sites. Run it through Confused, CompareTheMarket etc - Tesco are rarely even close to the cheapest for young drivers, so you're probably not going to get a good price off them.

    Second, add two named drivers - as old as you can, preferably her relatives. They don't have to actually drive the car, and there's nothing illegal or even dodgy about this. Her mum and dad would be perfect. I'd expect Admiral/Elephant/Bell to quote somewhere around the 1800-2500 mark, possibly less if she's lucky.

    Third up, check the mileage per year - unless she commutes then she's not likely to hit over 10,000 a year, so don't put anything higher than that. With a minimal amount of sexism, women often do less mileage so if you get a better quote with 8,000, that might be worthwhile. Also check with other similar cars - 206's are a "young driver"/"boy racer" car like a Corsa/Clio/Fiesta... people often assume that you'll get the cheapest insurance with these, but usually you can get it cheaper on something slightly bigger and more powerful. It might not be a cool car, but something like a Nissan Almera can save you a small fortune.

    (Yes, I've spent a lot of time on price comparison sites trying to get my quotes down)
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    tell her to walk or get a bus
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  4. H88

    H88 Member

    Thanks for your advise, I have checked loads of website but price is quite high. However I was thinking of getting someone older and cover her name down to get cheaper insurance. Nissan almera?seem to a good car but I think it suits for my mum haha. To be honest I was recommending her nissan micra but she doesn't like the look of it :))
  5. H88

    H88 Member

    Its a good idea mate :))
  6. AmzyA3

    AmzyA3 New Member

    Yeah, Im a guy and 21 next month, i have 6 points on my license for 2 SP30's when i was 18 and had to re-take my test and i got insured on a 2.0 GTI for 2k with elephant which i thought was good considering that was about 5 months of having my license again, just look around and call them up and haggle and you might get somewhere.

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