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Uncovered scuff

chris_marshall Nov 19, 2009

  1. chris_marshall

    chris_marshall MTM S3, Aprilia RSV Mille

    Evening all, was giving the car a good wash earlier only to notice a light scuff on the front drivers side arch. Not owned the car long, and never noticed it, but appeared to have some sort of paint matching cover over it, gave it a little scrape with my nail only to reveal that horrible white we all hate to see. What is the best way to get rid of it, it is light and small, but i'm just fussy. Was looking at the Carplan touch up stick. The car is ming blue.

    Kind Regards
    Chris :blackrs4:
  2. A3ster

    A3ster Member

    Not sure on the best plan of action, but slap a few coats of wax over it for now to prevent water etc getting to it untill you decide what to do.

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