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UNBURNT FUEL SMELL!! - HELP!!! - audi a3 2.0t fsi

JAMI308 Sep 30, 2013

  1. JAMI308

    JAMI308 Jamie H - Cumbria

    Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

    when stationary or moving slow I can smell a very strong smell of Unburnt petrol in the car coming trough the vents! when I checked under the bonnet I could see no leaks etc but the strongest fuel smell seemed to be coming from the top left corner of engine bay directly infront of drivers side!

    I've seen plenty of posts about it but no answers!

    Could it it be due to having a stupid dump valve on (came on the car) and the engine running rich.. Could that make it smell so strong or not?

    Also when I bought it he mentioned it had a uprated higher pressure fuel pump or something? Could this have anything to do with it? It isn't mapped or anything I don't think!

    gonna take it into garage and see what he says but would like some advice from the forum would be helpful!


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