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Ultimate S3 mods

paultaylor Apr 1, 2004

  1. paultaylor

    paultaylor Member

    I've had my 02 S3 for nine months now and I love it, it's alot better than the 01 210 S3 I had previously.

    My question to all of who have had work done on your S3s is what the best all round package? I'm living in Dublin but due to the lack of any decent tuner in Ireland I'll be makin the trip to AMD as they seem highly rated on many forums and very helpful over the phone, here's what I had in mind

    270 bhp stage one remap
    Brembo gran turismo brakes
    H and R lowering springs with Koni shocks
    Rear anti roll bar to 19mm(based on Ess Three's post[which was brilliant])

    I'm looking forward to the extra power so I can really waste a few 911s! and the standard brakes fade quite quickly so if the brembos in my mates Leon Cupra R are anything to go by, these should be animal!

    The topic of annoying understeer is Audi hot potatoe and I love everything Audi do(understated looks, the best interiors, animal turbos) but the fact is there're set up for Joe Bloggs and not for drivers who like a rewarding drive, the recent announcement of the RS6plus they seem to have taken some feedback on board(check this week's Autocar) anyway what's the best way to get a really positive turn in without ruining the high speed balance? The ARB change Ess Three spoke of seems to make good sense, and how will lowering springs and koni shocks effect the ride? I'm already having a nightmare on Dublin roads on the RS4 18"s, tyre wise I just got a set of New Pirelli P Zero Rossos, I'm in heaven wet or dry!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    02 Black S3
  2. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    I'm pleased my comments were of some use...

    With regard to suspension...
    I hav always used adjustable dampers...used them for years both on track and on road...so I was very wary about going with a non-adjustable set.

    But, the Bilstein Sprint dampers are perfect. And I mean perfect...and I'm fussy!
    I could not have asked for better damping...the round town ride is BETTER than standard, and the body control on back roads absolutely without equal.
    I would highly recommend them...and the H&R springs are a great match too.

    ARBs are a fantastic upgrage...well worth the money.
    Cheaper if you use R32 stuff..but you don't get the stiff bushes, and it's my view that the bushes DO help a lot...especually when you see the size of the bars you are fitting compared to standard!

    I'm still not convinced that a smaller - but uprated - set of ARBs would yield such good results andthe S3 is a heavy beast.

    The only other thing I'd say is find a sympathetic tuner to have the alignment done...some won't be bothered moving subframes about to give you equal camber and a bit more caster...find one that will and spend the time getting it right...it makes a world of difference.

    Also, if you are on 18" wheels...what are you running your tyre pressures at?
    You can influence the handling quite a lot with just a few psi change. Have you played with them?

    My current thoughts on my set up after giving it some stick over the last few weeks can be found here: Latest Handling Comments
  3. paultaylor

    paultaylor Member

    I'll try those pressures today and let you know how it goes, I haven't touched my S3 yet, the H and R springs have been sitting in a box for six months along with all my Sony ICE, I'm happy enough with the Bose setup and six cd in dash player at the minute, I've been job hunting for the last three months but finally starting a new job next wednesday so I should have plenty of cash to spend on mods!

    cheers for the tips


    02 Black S3

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