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UK warranty cover Ireland?

imported_larry1 Dec 1, 2005

  1. imported_larry1

    imported_larry1 Guest

    Hi ,

    bought a 2003 A4 Avant TDI SE in March this year and imported it back to Dublin. Have been experiencing probs with the multitronic gearbox ( difficult to select reverse). Does the original Audi warranty cover the car in the Republic of Ireland? 23K miles on the car. One of the booklet says 2 years and another says 3?? I have it booked in with an Audi in Dealer for next week and really would like to know where I stand

    Cheers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
  2. sinbadfury

    sinbadfury Member

    I am not sure if it does. I have recently bought a tdi 130 sport from UK and had worries over possible steering column warranty issues. I got in contact with dealer here and they essentially said they dont do warranty work for non irish-originating cars?

    Not sure if that is correct or not.

    I too have mine booked into the dealers next week to check it over as I am not 100% confident in the abilites of the independant that I bought it from....we'll see if it was a good move or not I suppose
  3. imported_Macduff

    imported_Macduff Guest

    I thought that the warranty was pan-European and the dealer must honour it regardless of country of origin. I'm not near the car at the moment so can't check.
  4. gizze

    gizze Member

    If it is in the first 24 months then any dealer has to do warranty work anywhere in Europe, the third year is supplied by Audi UK.

    However I am not sure what happens with the third year if you break down in Ireland as you have 3 yrs worth of European Audi Assit with a new UK car.
  5. howatsi

    howatsi Member

    My understanding is that the UK Audi Assistance only covers you for the UK, you need to take out extra cover for driving outside the UK including the ROI. There is a phone number in the handbook and it gives a discount code for having an Audi.

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