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  1. Anyone have a modified UK S4 B5? If so, where did yu get it modified and what stage have you taken it to?

    I have a 2001 S4 and am considering going for the APR upgrade, probably to stage II+. There are a few places that can do the upgrade, such as Fontain. I would like to hear from anyone who has the upgrade to find out how different the car drives to a stock S4.

    Also, the A.W.E upgrade may give more power, especially if you go for the stage III. Anyone in the UK done that?

    What is the comparison between UK and US RON ratings for fuel?

  2. sash

    sash Member

    its the best thing you can do to that car for the price. It completely transforms your car. Got mine done at amd, its now pushing out just over 300 bhp.

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