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UK-Deutsch Essex Meet Friday 29th April

ukdeutsch Apr 28, 2011

  1. ukdeutsch

    ukdeutsch New Member

    The third UK-Deutsch monthly meet is almost here.

    Held on the 29th April at the usual venue - The 8 Ball Diner - www.8balldiner.com on the northbound side of the A12 at Witham, Essex from around 7pm


    The last meet was a huge success with a car park count of 79 at 9pm and we hope to see even more of you this time given its a bank holiday and the clocks have changed so its not in the dark!!

    Also in the last few days our forum has become active. www.uk-deutsch.com is open to all German car enthusiasts and from here you will be able to view pictures from the meets as well as keep up to date with events and general forum activity.

    Hope to see you Friday.

    The UK-D team
  2. woody.dub

    woody.dub Member

    This is on again tomorrow night

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