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UK Companies that deliver to BFPO?

Powelly Jan 3, 2012

  1. Powelly

    Powelly Member

    Done a search but couldnt find anything, Just wondering if anybody knows if there are any UK tuning companies that will deliver to BFPO addresses? (British Forces post office)
    I know amazon will but theres only so much you can get from there and the German tuners etc near me are pretty pants unless its mail order off their websites, Dont hold much in their shops and dont really want to talk to you unless you speak fluent german :/ Only things i've brought from them have been for mates in the uk with Beemers etc as its cheaper for me to send them their parts from the BFPO office as it only costs the same as delivery within the uk.

    Cheers in advance if anybody has any clue!


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