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  1. hsinclair

    hsinclair New Member

    Hello All,

    This is my first post on the site, but as it would seem that we A6 owners would apear to be in the minority, I thought i better lend my support.

    I need to replace the rear tyre's on my 2.7T and would be interested in peoples views on replacments, i was looking at Conti sport contacts.

    I have also herd some horror stories about damage to the Quattro syestem if either all tyres are not replaced at the same time or if you don't replace the fronts with the same tyre as the rears, my previous four wheel drive car (Impreza Turbo) had no issuies with anything like the above, has anyone got any experiance of this or is it an old wivies tale.

  2. cliffcartwright

    cliffcartwright New Member

    I've had two A6 2.7T Quattro saloons and replaced tyres in pairs(on the same axle) with no ill effect to the drivetrain or handling. I have mixed tyre makes at each end. One ex demo model I bought was delivered to me with different tyres each end by West London Audi.

    Most of my A6 miles have been on Dunlops and Michelins which seem to suit the model well.

    Continentals in my experience are a harder compound tyre. They lasted longer on my car at the expense of handling and slightly more noise.

    Pirelli P Zeros were highly rated in the Autocar tyre test. I found them to be good on my Jaguar XJR so will probably change to Pirelli on my A6 next time around.

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