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  1. markie A3

    markie A3 Member

    Two x pilot sport 3 225x45x17, used on rear wheels for 3 months, hence 7mm tread, no repairs as new £1501X A3 SPORT FACELIFT SINGLE GRILL BUMPER IN BLACK, NEEDS COUPLE OF SCRATCHES AND PAINTING, NO CRACKS £50.00SINGLE GRILL TO SUIT ABOVE BUMPER NO DAMAGE £30.00 a3 2003 ONWARDS 4DOOR PASSENGER NEW PACKAGED WINDOW REGULATOR MECHANISM £45.00a3 2003 PASSENGER DOOR WINDOW MOTOR SUIT 2003 ONWARDS £35.00At these prices im not really open to offers unless you buy job lot for £250PM me for more details or text 07738964037Mark

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