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Tyre Sizes

MrBones Nov 19, 2013

  1. MrBones

    MrBones Going Gone Bye

    Hi All
    I am running the standard S-Line multi spoke alloys on my car which has a standard size tyre of 225/40/18's
    I need to change my tyres and I would like to go for a thicker tyre wall 45's and maybe even 50’s as I live in the sticks and an area with a lot of pot wholes
    What do you guys think? Most of my driving is just cruising around to and from work, but sometimes I need to push it and I like to cruise along the motorways at high speed, for long distances
    Do you think that going for a thicker tyre wall will give me a smoother ride?
    The price of the 45’s are a little more (about 20-30 quid more per tyre) but is this worth it?
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the S-Line suspension is not too hard, but I would also like to fill my wheel arches a little more
    After reading peoples comments on here, I was thinking of buying Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2’s which are about £100 a corner at the moment, But someone has said on here that the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti is a good tyre and a little bit cheaper
    What do you think?
    The car is a remapped 170 S-Line Quattro sportback

    Thanks in advance for any advise
  2. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    It's a good plan to go for 45 sidewall. But if side wall increases, then the tyre diameter changes which then changes speedometer readings. a 17" wheel with 45 tyres is equivalent diameter to 18"on 40 tyres.
  3. Muzza80

    Muzza80 Well-Known Member


    I wouldn't to changing the profile of the tyre from the standard recommendation. Your speedo would be out for one, rubbing possibly. You could go for a non XL tyre which may give a bit more compliance while sacrificing a bit of turn in sharpness.

    You don't change the tyre profile to fill the arches either, you lower the vehicle.
  4. JohnE

    JohnE 2005 A3 Sport 1.6 FSI

    Going for a higher profile but not changing s=wheels size will alter the overall diameter and therefore gearing and speedo/milo accuracy.

    You might be interested in my experience of changing my 17s (225 45) for 16s (205 55) - bought from a member and all-round good egg on here.

    I only changed at the weekend, but so far I have noticed - slightly smoother ride - also a bit bouncier. I think the standard suspension (mine is Sport, not S-line) is very hard and lacks compliance and body control for UK roads - it's fine for the track and motorways - there are other threads on this. The previous owner of these wheels bought 'em for his A3 S-line to improve the ride.

    The other benefits the of narrower wheels/tyres are - better indicated economy and (subjectively) the car feels very slightly quicker (may be true as the wheels/tyres are significantly lighter) with no real-world loss of grip.

    My car is very very slow compared with yours and most on here though :)
  5. MrBones

    MrBones Going Gone Bye

    Hi Both
    Thanks to you both for taking the time to comment
    I very much appreciate your comments
    I am now thinking of just keeping with the standard size tyres as advised, it was just a niggling thought I have had for a bit

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