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Tyre size for winter

Magicmcfc Apr 6, 2013

  1. Magicmcfc

    Magicmcfc Member


    I have a set of winter tyres off my Leon mk2 the size is 205/55/r16 94h Nankang sv2
    My a4 avant has a sticker on the door which says 225/55/r16 95h
    Question is I need to buy a new set of steel rims as the centre is only 58mm and won't fit onto the audi. But will the tyres be ok as they are 205 not 225.
    They have around 7mm life on them.
    So if they did not fit has anyone ever sold tyres with steel wheels and for how much?

    Hope someone can help as I am confused about tyre sizes

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