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Tyre size for 18x8.5 alloys...

Paul 1979 Aug 11, 2013

  1. Paul 1979

    Paul 1979 New Member

    I have purchased a set of second hand replica alloys as pictured, they are 18x8.5 with an offset of ET38, I trialed the wheels on the car just to make sure they did go on without rubbing or catching anything and to also check they didn't stick out too far...

    My question is do I run 225/40 18 tyres or 215/40 18 tyres? Especially on the front.
    Being 8.5 wide would the tyres have a little stretch at 225 to be ok without fouling anything?
    The car is a 3dr A3 tdi S-Line on standard suspension at present, I will be looking at lowering it slightly soon though, probably on 20-30mm though.

    Any advise much appreciated,
    Cheers Paul

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