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Tyre Pressures for S4 Convertible 2006 +

S4MORE May 8, 2012

  1. S4MORE

    S4MORE New Member

    Just had some Goodyear F1 tyres fitted on ther front of my S4 convertible.
    The place where the tyres were put on said the ideal pressure would be 36 psi.
    On the tyre pressure sticker which is inside the door in the car it says 41 psi.
    I actually phoned an Audi dealer to see if they could give me any guidance and
    they were about as much use as Nick Clegg.
    I actually typed my car registration into a 'check your correct tyre pressure'
    web site and it came back with 32 psi.
    This car gets through tyres (especially on the back) like no one's business
    but there dos not seem to be anything on the internet or anywhere else
    where you can get accurate indicators for what the real world tyre pressure should be on your car.

    Does anyone have an S4 convertible (2006+) and know exactly what the correct tyre pressure
    should be?
    I am going to contact Goodyear and see what their advice is.
  2. JPM

    JPM New Member

    Might help if you put the sizes up mate.

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