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tyre pressure

adrian2006uk May 31, 2009

  1. adrian2006uk

    adrian2006uk Member

    hello just got hold of an a3 3.2 s line 2005 the label in the petrol flap is damaged so can not see the tyre pressures can somebody please tell me what they are the tyres are 225/40/18 think they are 44 psi but not sure if thats correct
  2. V6Will

    V6Will New Member

    Just looked in mine and there is a choice of 3 depending on speed and loading of the car

    for 225/40/18 they are

    Fronts 38 Rear 33 (not fully loaded up to 100 mph)


    Front 41 Rear 36

    If the car is fully laden then 44psi all round

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