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Tyre Life post Remap.. Oops..

imported_CurryMilkShake May 9, 2005

  1. My 1.9tdi (130) sport was originally supplied with Continental rubber..
    Fair bit of road noise, not amazing but basically ok. When they were due to be replaced, after much browsing of these forums, I opted for Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s.. a more expensive tyre, in the search for improved handling without a significant drop in longevity.
    A short while after this change, I had the remap done..

    This weekend, and a close inspection, has given some worrying results!

    Original tyres:
    Continental, full set replaced at 18,500 miles. (Front/rear swap done at about 12,000)

    Current tyres:
    Pilot sport PS2s, Having done just under 6000m, wear on fronts was down to 3.4mm... rears on 5.7mm.. have had to do the front/rear swap now.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif

    Having worked out the approx wear rates so far, (rear: .38mm or so/1000m, front 1.3mm/1000m!) and remaining tread after the swap.. that gives me a max of 3-4000 miles before I need another complete new set.. Meaning that the more expensive Michelins will have done around HALF the distance that I did on the continentals.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif they are better, but I'm not convinced theyre twice as good!

    The extra power must take some blame, for sure. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else had suffered similar, and crucially, some assistance in choosing the the next replacements! Everyone seems to like f1s, but tyre wear is relevant.. I'm doing best part of 30k miles/year.. 1 and a half sets of continentals/year is acceptable.. 3 full sets of Michelins will not be! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsdown.gif

    (course, I could drive a bit slower..!)

    Over to you.. advice appreciated!
  2. richy

    richy Member

    get a harder compound tyre
  3. -Smacks forehead as realisation dawns -

    What a fantastic idea!!

    I bow to your incredible knowledge insight and experience, and am utterly chastened by having made public my abject stupidity...

    I shall cease driving an Audi, I am clearly not worthy, and shall work hard to think these things through properly, rather than run to the forum with such an ill-conceived and poorly prepared request for advice.

    Eternally grateful...

  4. so, any suggestions and reccomendations on exactly what tyres might be worth considering?? F1s vs Continental?
  5. richy

    richy Member

    was only suggesting and answering a question (didn't really answer it but gave an input)

    but its all very well choosing one brand over another but its worth looking at each model of tyre as there are quite a few from each brand..

    i tend to go for a softer tyre so have no recommendations in a hard compound tyre. toyo seem to be favourites on the forum at the moment and are getting a good write up with their recent tyres. but its personal choice..

    road noise is not a concern to be honest with me and so i preffer to suffer some noice than performance..

    the way i think of it is that why choose a tyre to save yourself some money or to get rid of road noise or tyre wear when this desision may effect your handling or grip on the road.

    my life is the more important thing i consider when choosing my tyres..

    just a suggestion.
  6. Please accept my apologies - Having a grumpy day!

    Your points are all valid..

    The FD, however (this being a company car) is certainly going to Jib at an annual £1500 tyre bill, when original fitment ones will cost half that.. The argument being that the Continentals are the ones Audi themselves fit..!

    I won't get away with fitting Michelins again, I am sure.. oh well!

    Would be interesting to compare with any other remapped diesels.. I saw on another thread a suggestion that tyre wear on the diesels is worse because of all the extra torque.. even pulling away at very low revs, theres still masses of torque there.. I'm not sure about it as a theory, suspect it may be more to do with driver.. not certain.. I have the multitronic box to, but not sure if thats also relevant!
  7. Platinum70

    Platinum70 Member

    I know I am 4WD (against FWD I guess?) but I had remap done on my A4 from new and have got 25,000 miles out of Pirelli P Zero Rosso's and they still have around 3mm left. The car is driven hard but properly hard. These must be worth considering. I have used F1 GSD3's on previous and they were also superb, and better wearing on FWD car.

    I am surprised you have worn the PS2's that quickly. Perhaps its the Santa Pod pull aways!!
  8. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    Dont get too concerned about which tyres the car was delivered with. Audi put on which ever tyre is cheapest at the time. My car came delivered with Michelin, and a mate of mine has got the exact car, delivered 6 months later with Dunlop 9090's. Audi choose whichever tyre is being discounted the most at the time
  9. 25000 out of PZero Rossos... sounds good! Thank you..

    As for Santa pod pullaways.. I have the Multitronic CVT gearbox and have never turned the esp off.. nuff said!
  10. Mcgough

    Mcgough Member

    18500-miles or even 9000 miles, ive done about 2000 and im nearly ready to do a back to front swap!
  11. gradwells

    gradwells Member

    I tried Michelin Pilot sport 2s Result poor in the wet and dangerous in snow or ice . Now on Fulda you have to order via a goodyear dealer but as they have some tread as opposed to slick rings the grip in the wet .
  12. Audination

    Audination Member

    You should try Cooper tyres i've a set on mine 225 30 18 the grip is pretty good in all weather and i drive hard and they are a good price..
  13. Platinum70

    Platinum70 Member

    Personally on 2WD I would really recommend the GSD3's. Failing that go for the Rosso's.
  14. howatsi

    howatsi Member

    I managed 26k with my Contis Sport Contacts 2, swapped front to rear about 3k before the end.
    Replaced again with same as Kwik Fit had a 4 for the price of 3 deal, means the spare is still brand new.
    The Contis are good in the wet, but absolutely hopeless in snow even with 4WD, the tread pattern design consists of 2 wide grooves running parallel around the whole radius of the tyre, not enough grooves going across the face of the tyre to grip on snow.
    The quattro traction is superb, no wheelspin even when pushing hard in the wet, some serious thought will be required when due to replace current motor, especially if Audi decide to concentrate on Haldex system (not for me) /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gifinstead of the torsen full time quattro system currently fitted to the A4.
  15. Platinum70

    Platinum70 Member

    My misses has got conti's on her A4 Cab but they haven't lasted as well as i would have thought and they even look like the rubber is perishing. 16,000 miles on them, but she does do short journeys and a lot of parking!

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