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Tyre labelling: calculating what an AA tyre is worth

rezulteo Nov 14, 2012

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    With the introduction of tyre labelling, certain questions have arisen. ‘What is the difference between an A and an F tyre?, ‘What represents 4dB less than the exterior rolling noise ?’

    To reply to these types of questions and in order to guide customers, rezulteo has put in place a simulator that allows you to calculate the benefits and disadvantages of a particular tyre class for each of the criteria.

    Simulator for braking distance on wet ground


    Once you have chosen the vehicle category and the speed at the moment of braking, you will see the comparison appear. For example, a passenger vehicle breaking at 40mph on wet ground with a class ‘A’ tyre would have a braking distance of 16.64m compared to a class ‘F’ tyre with a braking distance of 26.29m

    Simulator for fuel savings and pollution

    Here you can choose a vehicle and enter the fuel price as well as the annual mileage. In order to have a precise mileage you should click on ‘verify your annual mileage’.

    If you take a vehicle such as a Peugeot 207 and enter the fuel price 135p/l and an average annual mileage of 8000 miles, you will obtain a saving of £148 in terms of fuel per year (as well as emitting 225kg less CO2 into the environment) if you choose a class A tyre over a class G tyre.


    Here you have the possibility to experience the importance of exterior tyre noise, represented by the difference in noise between a tyre emitting 72dB compared to a tyre emitting 69dB noise. Note that a drop of 3dB is equivalent to 2 times less noise.

    Comparison of the differences in noise between the tyres

    We hope that these three tools will help you to better understand tyre labelling and inform you about the different tyre classes.

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