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Tyre fitting in Ayshire

Tuddie Feb 26, 2013

  1. Tuddie

    Tuddie Active Member Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Team V8 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8

    Changing the tyres on the front of my Audi A6 so im paranoid about who does it incase they damage the rims, anyone know of a trusted place that could fit my new tyres to my 19" rims?
  2. S4 Muzza

    S4 Muzza oww! my giant blue head!

    I always use Tyson Tyres, Limekilns Road. Had mine in yesterday without a problem. Also took my alloys there fresh after being re-furbed last year and they cam back the same way. That being said i think most places will look after your alloys!
  3. rosco11

    rosco11 Member

    I phoned them recently to fit 4 tyres from Camskill and they wanted £15 a corner :tocktock:

    Ended up at Performance Tyres in Ayr at half the price however, I would advise you phone and book in. All other tyre shops in Ayr I aksed not interested. In fact, McConnechy's policy is not to touch internet tyres.

    Abbotsinch in Killie can be ok depending on who's doing it and were happy to mount internet tyres last last time I was in.

    Next time I think I'll use blackcircles or mytyres fitting service - yes it is a wee bit dearer but you are not left feeling like a second class citizen with your internet tyres - something that I have experienced a few times in Ayrshire in the last few years. Yes I know that they are not profiting on the tyres but turning your nose up at £30/40 cash for half an hour that more often or not gets pocketed is madness in my eyes.
  4. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    £15 a corner is pretty good... though Wheel Specialist in Dyce do it for £10, most places are more (and that's if they supply the tyres).
  5. S4 Muzza

    S4 Muzza oww! my giant blue head!

    yes, they do charge £15 a corner to fit your own tyres, which i think is fair enough. i checked the internet prices before i went last time and all things considered i'd be saving less than £10, not to mention having to wait for the tyres. i'd much rather spend the extra and give it to a local business.

    tyson fitted the two tires i bought plus he fitted an old tyre i had in the garage for free. performance wanted to charge for fitting my own tire, even though i was giving them over £200 for two brand new ones!

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