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Tyre advice

eqvvs63 Apr 14, 2011

  1. eqvvs63

    eqvvs63 New Member

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on good, quiet tyres for an A4 Cabriolet?

    I have a 2.4 Sline with 235/40/18s on its currently running on Pirelli P Zero Rossos but I'm getting a lot of wheel noise and vibration through the pedals and steering wheel(coming from the front) on average UK road surfaces and on a bad surface it horrendous :( I've had the joints/suspension etc checked by two garages and its been given the all clear and I've had the wheels balanced too.
  2. avant1980

    avant1980 Member

    Strange Yr gettin noise from the zero's my wife has them on her a3 & has no probs. If it was me I'd buy a set of Avon or falkens , never have the money to get bridgestone or pilots. Deffo shop about for prices.
  3. Boulders

    Boulders New Member

    I have used VREDESTEIN ( sorry about the caps but copy and pasted on my phone) and they have been great on my TFSI. I have P Zero's now as the price gap between the two has narrowed in recent times. The P Zero's are quieter, longer lasting and seem to have about the edge on grip. Not sure what to suggest as I have now run Conti sport contact 2's, VREDESTEIN, and the P zero's and I think they have the edge. Are you sure you don't have a egg shaped alloy?
  4. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    Appears that Vredsteins are very difficult to get hold of up here at the moment so have gone for Dunlop replacements.
  5. bdub

    bdub Member

    I run dunlop sport maxx TT's in this size on my 3.0 tdi Q. they are great for 20k miles and grippy, but noisey. will prob go for p zero rossos next as my bro has them on his A6 Q and rates them.
  6. Fireyjack

    Fireyjack Member

    My last set of Vredestein Sessanta's were on my car for 13 months and did just 10,000 local miles.
    Granted I have a heavy right foot & plenty of bhp.

    They have a good overall rating, but they're not the best for wear.

    I've now decided to try Vredestein Cento's - got them from Mytyres & fitted them yesterday.

    Quite right, their prices have gone up and hardly anyone has stock at the moment.

  7. eqvvs63

    eqvvs63 New Member

    Quick update I opted for Continental sports contact 3 on advice from the guys at the tyre place. The boss had them on his CLK cab and really rated them and said they quietened his down. Got them for £160 each balanced and fitted and so far so good they feel a lot more comfortable than the p zeros

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