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Two C6 RS6's in one day...

Marc1 Nov 17, 2009

  1. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    It's fair to say that the C6 RS6 is pretty rare. I've only really seen the odd one on the A1 every now and again, yet driving up the M62 to Leeds a lovely red Avant was in front, unfortunately the traffic was pretty bad, so no chance of seeing it in it's glory - shame. Lovely colour though.

    Only this evening I came down a dual carriage way in Leeds when I was fast approaching a lovely looking Avant chilling out in the left lane. It was difficult to tell from a distance what it was in the dark as it was black, but the rear LED's were glowing and as I got closer, I thought it can't be. Moving to the outside lane to pass by, I thought oh dear, it IS an RS6 and it's probably not really the done think to be overtaking such a beast, however he seemed to be chilling out in the left, so I may as well go by. Keeping an eye in the rear view mirror at the DRL's and xenons lighting up the whole ring road, sure enough the headlights got bigger and brighter very quickly. I slipped into the traffic in the left hand lane to let him past and then regained my slot in the outer lane. I got the chance to stay behind him as we were going in the same direction - towards Bradford and he obvoiusly wanted to have some fun, so showed me what the car could do around the round abouts, straights and sweeping bends, and what a sound it was making. I had no chance of keeping up - obviously!

    So a rare opportunity for me to appreciate both cars and see some of what the 5.0L Twin Turbo V10 could do, so if you're reading this Mr Black RS6 Avant, private plate 'B7 ---' thanks for the insight and what a fine motor you have - not at all jealous here honest :happy:. All I can say is WOW amazing!
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