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TV Aerial & digital HDD/DVD recorder

Davidb67 Dec 14, 2007

  1. Davidb67

    Davidb67 Member

    Looking for a few comments regarding the issue outlined below:

    a year ago, moved out into the country, and put up 2 (cheap) loft TV aerials.
    We get virtually no analogue signal, but had just bought a Pioneer Plasma with built-in digital tuner, so once that found the channels the signal was excellent.
    We also had a 2-year old Pioneer DVD/HDD recorder but that only had analogue tuner. It would pick up & record BBC1&2, ITV & Ch4 and that was it. The recorded programme was "watchable", although not great!

    So, we've just bought a Sony HDD/DVD recorder with Digital tuner to replace the Pioneer (analogue) one. Plugged it in, and it's found a number of freeview chanels, but lots missing - such as Ch4, ITV1 etc.

    Admittedly, the aerials are not great, the loft is an "OK" rather than preferred location, but I thought since the Pioneer TV has had no problems with all the terrestrial digital (freeview) channels, the Sony HDD/DVD recorder should have found them all too.
    The Pioneer TV has both a digital aerial IN and OUT - i've tried "feeding" the digital signal out of the TV and into the Digital IN on the Sony HDD recorder, and i've also tried using a quality TV aerial splitter box (unamplified). no real improvement either way.
    Haven't yet tried connecting the aerial lead directly to the Sony unit and THEN into the TV like the old days of VCRs as i'm concerned about losing the chanel settings on the TV if it still doesn't solve it (i know it SHOULDN'T....), but the possible downside to that is there is only a single Digital tuner in the Sony recorder, which means i need a digital signal going into the TV to watch something different to what i'm recording, and not sure if the "Digital OUT".

    Is it possible that the digital receiver in the Pioneer TV is more sensitive than the one in the Sony HDD recorder? don't really want

    Any views, comments would be appreciated.
  2. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    There quite possibly will be a difference in tuner sensitivity between the brands. I've just bought a Sony dvd/hdd recorder myself, living in a town i've had no problems with it picking up a digital signal, but then I have it set up in the old style as you mention with the tv aerial going directly into the dvd recorder and then onto the tv, have no problems with tv tuning. I might suggest you consider investing in getting an aerial specialist out to sort you out with a decent aerial to work in your location. DIY loft aerials will be generic to work "ok" in as many places as possible. For your location a different design of aerial may work better, which a local aerial specialist will be able to adise upon. It wont cost you anything to get a few quotes and have a chat with them to see if they can indeed help!

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