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Turtle Wax Silicone Blades

amoffat Jan 8, 2003

  1. amoffat

    amoffat Member

    After reading about the blades, I bought a Turtle Wax one before Christmas.

    I used it about 5 or 6 times and I have now stopped. It has created
    thousands of tiny scratches where it was used to remove the water.

    Before I used it I always ensured that the blade was free of any dirt etc. I
    do have a Brilliant Black car, so I know that scratches show more easily,
    but I was not impressed.

    Since noticing the scratches, I have had to do 2 applications of both
    Scratch X and Meguiars polish, and they have nearly gone.

    My advise is to check on a small area of your car before using.
  2. Moresauce

    Moresauce Member

    I never liked the idea of 'dragging' a bit of plastic across my car, like yours it is Brilliant Black and doesn't need any encouragment to show scratches!!

    What is the best way to chammy off a car...I always eem to leave water marks.

    For the record I use Gold Class Shampoo
  3. amoffat

    amoffat Member

    Moresauce, I use Gold Class Shampoo, and then chammy off with an Autoglym synthetic chammy. They work a treat IMO. Used a have an expensive leather one, and it was cack.

    Might be worth trying as they are less than a tenner if I remember correctly, had mine for nearly 2 years now and no streaks /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

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