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Turbo upgrade ??

mazzy Jun 12, 2005

  1. mazzy

    mazzy Member

    hey, i've seen this on Ebay, and need some help. Would it fit the S3 and what would be involved? Its cheaper than kits here in the UK. What kind of gain will it give?

    I've emailed them but no reply yet. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif


  2. imported_kennyf

    imported_kennyf Guest

    I've been looking into the turbo upgrade side as well. the TD04 i sthe turbo found on some scoobies i.e the RB5, this turbo spools up quickley but you prob won't see any significant gain (if any) at the top end. Power band is prob similar to what the S3 has just now except with a slightly quicker spool up.
    The manifold might not have a significant nicol content as apparently this is an issue with us supplied manifolds??
    I'm not sure if this turbo would work with the standard downpipe as I'm not sure what the flanfe fitment is on the OE one.
    Some of the issues that have also been mentioned before is the positioning of engine bay slightly differs.
    There are ppl on here who seem to be very clued up on this side, Rich, Ryan and a few more who I can't think off.
    I'm sure I've mailed that XSpower before and they never replied...

    hope this helps
  3. Ryanc

    Ryanc Active Member

    Looking at the design of the manifold i believe it would foul stuff on the rhd s3,it's of a similar design to the atp kit which also suffers from the same problem.It looks like it's aimed at the lhd market .Stainless manifolds also have a nasty habit of cracking and need good bracing.You may be able to run a adapter to move the turbo but would sacrifice flow,cheap though.
  4. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    As Ryan says, LHD fitment kits rarely fit RHD cars, mainly because the master cyclinder and servo .etc are in the way for the downpipe. Its much easier (but much more expensive) to go for a UK kit.

  5. olekvi

    olekvi Member

  6. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    it also doesn't run much boost, internal wastegate 8.3 psi which is virtually stock, which also raises questions about intercooler quality on what seems to be a very very comprehensive kit for not much cash,

    if its gonna produce power its going to be laggy you'd be better of with a k04 and injectors imo

    or doing something like Rich's beast

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