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turbo service or replace

s3ant Mar 5, 2010

  1. s3ant

    s3ant New Member

    hi guys, glad to have finally found an enthusiasts forum, jst a quick question really, being unexperienced with engines with turbos i was wandering at what point they need to be serviced or replaced? my s3 has jst done over 92k and has cost me a small fortune in the 8 months i have had it, so im trying to make sure everything is kept in order to save me from any more nasty suprises.

    any help will be appreciated
  2. finesse

    finesse Active Member

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay.

    Why not introduce yourself and tell more about your S3. What issues are you having or have had?

  3. s3ant

    s3ant New Member

    well im ant, hi, i bought the s3 back in august last year, and love it. 02 plate with now jst over 92k on the clock. The car had a rolling road re-map already on it taking it to 262-265bhp (jabba sport) so its nice and quick. problems i have had, second nite of having it the arm rest jammed in the upright postion. 2 weeks in, the driver side window went down but never decided to come back up again. 1 month in i noticed the clutch was beginning to slip. new clutch and flywheel needed. 3 months in anti-roll bar bushes replaced all round, and two days after that work was done, i was waiting at a junction and a van hit me up the ****.

    so all in all it hasnt been a good start for me and the s3, but im on top of it now and i look to keep it that way, because i love the car. i havent noticed any problems with the turbo i just read somewhere that lifespan is only good to around 100k, is this true?

    does anyone know of anywhere that sells audi sterios that fit an 02 s3? all the buttons are fading on the one i have and its beginning to catch my eye.
  4. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    Welcome to the site dude.
    My turbo has done 126,000 miles and is still going strong...famous last words.

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