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Turbo Rebuild query

Fred61 Mar 17, 2014

  1. Fred61

    Fred61 New Member

    The turbo seals on my A3 1.8T went and it started making smoke... So I've pulled the turbo and stripped it for a rebuild, hoping that new seals and bearings would do the job - but the wear on the shaft is a bit too much so it looks like a new CHRA is need. Trouble is, it looks like it's been stripped before and the blue tag is missing (and a few bolts/washers weren't right either). I've read a good few threads/FAQs and I've looked up the part numbers on the housings and they look OK - I think it should be a K03-053 - and the compressor has got eight vanes but I'd like to confirm the part numbers, especially for the CHRA. Can anyone point me to a good reference so I can check? And any recommendations where to buy? Nerings is all over ebay, are they any good? thanks, J.

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