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Turbo Question

YX1010 Feb 20, 2007

  1. YX1010

    YX1010 YX1010

    Hey guys,

    I have a 290hp S3.

    Im wanting to up the performance to the 310-330bhp mark.

    What would you sugguest I do to get there. I have thought about a larger turbo - maybe a front mount intercooler?

    Any sugguestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and i dont wish to start declaring bankruptsy.. so im keeping costs in mind.

  2. Jasdent

    Jasdent Mahonee

    Unfortunately mate, you aint going to keep cost down if you want to start looking at that !

    From my memory ( correct me if i'm wrong folks ) a turbo for that power would be the gt28rs Garratt turbo also known as the disco potato. cost is about £830 ? mind you will need a full new gasket set as well and better off fitting a new set of manifold nuts.

    prob want to fit a stainless turbo elbow, de-cat and exhaust which will be around a grand.

    not sure on the audi but on my last car had to fit high pressure injectors ?

    Front mounted intercooler will be a must with that turbo and I'm guessing but prob also the following:

    high pressure fuel pump
    performance air filter
    adjustable boost controller

    possibly a steel head gasket, Maf and re-map.

    Mind you all that was on my 2.0l turbo s14a, not really looked at the 1.8T engine YET but will get there soon.

    please guys correct me on what the standard engine will hold ? I had to do a lot on the s14a but I got 400hp from that on a different turbo !

    is this relevant at all ? :think:
  3. S3tony

    S3tony Member

    basically to get to those figures is going to cost 3-5k and will need the turbo new manifold i believe (correct me if im wrong), there is plenty of people running those figures and im sure they will be along to add on.

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