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Turbo Problems

A3TDI_SPORT Nov 16, 2006


    A3TDI_SPORT New Member

    I have had my car just over a month, and since i bought it from an Audi Garage it has made an odd noise, the only way i can describe it is when i change gear at about 2000rpm it sounds like i have a turkey under the bonnet!. I took into Audi who confirmed that the turbo was broken and i will have to have a new one fitted. This is a suprise considering the car has only covered 30k.

    I will have to wait a week for a new one, and they have said my car is OK to drive is this true?

    Also should this car have been sold to me with this fault?. I didn't take it in at first as i thought it was a general diesel car noise.

    Hope this isn't the sign of things to come!

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