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TURBO problem

shaz A3 Tdi Feb 10, 2010

  1. shaz A3 Tdi

    shaz A3 Tdi Member

    Why's my newer 2nd hand turbo feel shi**er then my old one!?

    Hi guys iv got a 2nd hand turbo off a golf mk4 (i think) same engine code/part number etc. it had done 84k and my turbo had done 212k oh yh my cars an a3 tdi (not the fastest car around but does the trick). With the newer turbo the car feel **** dnt even like driving it anymore. :(

    Its like a lot of build up of power and not much kick at all, my other turbo still used to give it some. Old turbo needed a new actuator found one but the guy that fixed my car said no point as the vacum part of the turbo wont hold or release power( i think he was chatting ****) he charged me a £120 to change the turbo and put new pipes:mad:

    any idea's of what to do about this turbo???? there's no major play or movment.

  2. ruairi83

    ruairi83 Well-Known Member Team Sepang quattro Audi A4 Black Edition

    check maf and n75 valve.

    my maf went on my car and she would boost then drop power . once maf changed it was like new car...
  3. 9099

    9099 TDi? Liberties!

    I would vag.com it to find out if there are any fault codes present.

    In the VCDS section there is a sticky with guy from the forum that have vag.com...

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