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Turbo problem!

butsy Sep 9, 2012

  1. butsy

    butsy New Member

    So far after fixing the following problems on my S3
    the fan modules,
    Water pump,
    sump seal,
    Crank case hoses,
    Clutch pedal repair,
    Heater fan blower,
    Electric seat switches

    I now fear my turbo may be on its way out now too so looking for information here!

    Just today when I let off boost a cloud of blue smoke appeared out the back of the exhaust!

    Went a spirited run and everytime I came off boost there it was.
    No problem in the driving or pull of the car but just smoke and the appearance of oil dripping out the drivers side intercooler!

    Anyone got any ideas what the problem could be or if I'm right and it is the turbo?
    Thanks in advance folks
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012
  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    Seal possibly gone on turbo. When on boost turbo rrelies on exhaustive sure to push/keep oil in, off boost it can leak past.

    Blue/black smoke tends to be rear oil seal
    white smoke is front seal
  3. Wilts

    Wilts Member

    I had same problem fella and i would say seals on turbo for sure, when i took mine out it had oil inside it and the shaft i could pull in and out and alot left to right, turbo active can rebuld it from £230-£300 that includes pick up and drop off to your door if its just the seals its £230 but could go up to £300 depends on what needs doing, i took a chance and bought a second hand turbo off ebay for £88 and its sweet so iv got my old one to send off to turbo active, they are based in stockton on tees im not sure what the number is but google it and give them a ring, hope that help!!
  4. butsy

    butsy New Member

    That's great info lads thanks alot was hoping it wasn't anything major but turbo out seems like it is.

    Ill give that company a phone champ in up in Scotland so hopefully they will cater to my needs.

    Thanks again :)
  5. butsy

    butsy New Member

    will any K04 Turbo fit my S3? ive found one from a seat leon cupraR thats decent money.
  6. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    you could always buy a repair kit which includes seals, bearing etc and do the work yourself or give it to another company to rebuild, probably works out cheaper. I've bought a repair kit which is waiting to be used, £50 for all the seals bearings etc
  7. butsy

    butsy New Member

    I had thought about it but I'm no mechanic and I've a chance at a good gebuine KKK K04 Turbo.
    Might buy the kit tho for my original turbo and sell it on :) try and get some cash back
  8. S3 L33

    S3 L33 New Member

    I've noticed mine puffs out some smoke on start up, and my mate behind me the other day says it smokes a bit on gear change. Would this be turbo seals or valve stem seals? Not gonna be cheap either way I should imagine. How much should I expect to pay on labour for turbo removal/refitting at a garage? Cheers

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