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Turbo or retrofit?

ozique Feb 11, 2007

  1. ozique

    ozique Member

    Hi, I am looking to improve my car performance, by either installing turbocharger or change the engine.

    My car is Audi A4 B6 2.0 SE multitronics and am wondering if it's possible to change engine to 2.0 FSI or 2.0t FSI. What about the electronics bits, do i need to change too or not? Remapping? Exhausts? etc.

    If changing engine is not worth it, can you recommend any specialists who will install turbocharger and get over 200-250 bhp?

    Thanks. :weight_lift2:
  2. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    I'm no expert, but I'd have thought it would be easier to sell your car and buy the same model with the spec you're after. The price difference you pay should be near/less the money you'd spend anyway. Also, think of the paperwork having to re-assign the vehicle spec with the DVLA/insurance...

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