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Turbo gone A3 TDI 05 91k

andy1acars Aug 31, 2011

  1. andy1acars

    andy1acars Member

    Bought my car from maindealer in Blackfen and done 91,000 miles and went into limp mode a few times, but no loss of power apart from when in limp mode but have the siren police car noise. Covered under warranty and they phoned to say egr bolts snapped so fitting one of those as well. Excellent service and courtesy car and the whole maindealer experience has been a good one. Considering renewing the warranty when it runs out next Feb. I dont think you can beat the older Audi diesels 130bhp etc as they seem to be without turbo's blowing up and porous heads, and dpv and duff injectors on 170 engines. I know BMW 2.0 diesel turbo's pack up at 100k. It seems like chasing low emissions and cost savings is making quality suffer. Sorry I sound like Victor Meldrew now, just wanted to share my thoughts.

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