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Turbo going?

locost47 Feb 11, 2011

  1. locost47

    locost47 Member

    Noticed recently that when the cars cold the wine/howl from the turbo is noticably louder than it was a few months back, gets quieter when the car is fully warm, when cold I only rev it to 3k max. Also noticed when changing gear a sound that sounds like a dump valve, this has also got louder and is annoying as a load of chavs in my area have some sort of device to mimmick this sound on their TDI Peugeots..lol Does anyone know what could be the possible problem, hopefully the turbo isnt about to sh*t itsself :puke: oh forgot to mention the car's done 115k and regularly serviced.
  2. Jonay

    Jonay Member

    only a guess from the inexperienced... could be the bearings. but then again could be dirt

    might need to take the inflow pipe off and see if there is any play in the compressor shaft (any wobble at all) you might not be able to even feel it.
  3. RU55SSO

    RU55SSO Member

    every turbo whines and every turbo makes a dumping sound through its wastegate. they whine noticeably more when cold... my car is over 132k and still on original turbo pulls well still.
  4. JIO22

    JIO22 New Member


    I would like to know what the answer to this is, mine is doing the same and like yours is louder when you start up and it's cold, several weeks ago my car lost all power I think this is called 'limp mode' as it reset itself and worked fine when i turned the ignition off then back on, it as not done it since. I'm thinking it could be a new turbo coming my way soon...!

    My car has done 115k, and I don'tthink the turbo has been changed yet.



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