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Turbo Failure and Associated woes

Slackda Jan 23, 2013

  1. Slackda

    Slackda New Member

    Hi Hope you guys can help me with a little problem i have had.

    Just before christmas i had my turbo fail on my AJM 1.9TDI B5 A4 with 229,000 on the clock,

    resolved the issue and fitted a new turbo, thought i was in the clear, turns out i didn't leave the inter cooler draining for long enough and dumped a load of oil into the engine and caused a run away (fortunately i knew to stall it). Although This shifted my timing out by about 5mm stopping the engine from starting so after realizing this and resetting the timing, i got it running...all be it very rough.

    After burning off all the oil that was still in the exhaust, i took the car to work for a couple of days, it was running well after it had got a bit warmer but was droppign MPG from an average of 50 to 38.... so ran some VCDS and found i was getting a recurring fault of a miss-fire on cylinder 3. i was planning on investigating an checking the cams/injectors, when i was running some further diagnostics by going up and down the motor way to get the car up to temperature, when coming off the motorway i had a sudden loss of power and a plume of white smoke from the back of the car.....

    After waiting around for the AA they turn up take me home and advise that it is probably a turbo failure....... i wouldn't expect my new turbo to fail after only 60 miles...

    Not managed to get out due to the car being under 2 feet of snow and having to work and re run the VCDS to see if any new codes have come up the only issue i can see is that the coolant levels are lower than normal, suggesting that maybe the head is gone, but oil levels have not changed and seems like there is no mayo effect going on, but if it had just gone i'm not sure how long that would take to show up.

    Any ideas?
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    pop the intake hose off and feel the turbo shaft to see if it feels knackered?

    Perhaps the runaway has damaged the turbo?

    White smoke could be a head gasket failure?
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Most likely rods are bent...
  4. CraigG

    CraigG Member

    where did the new turbo come from? ebay, or a reputable turbo seller?

    could be Chinese turbo syndrome?
  5. Slackda

    Slackda New Member

    update:- Turbo was a recon, it has failed, the impeller/propeller has separated... also took the cam cover off and looks like there is some emulsification happening, could just be cold weather damp but combined with the missfire on 3 and random readings from the idle on the VCDS suggests a leak in or around Cly 3... Going to the Bay for breaking as don;t have the cash or the time to fix or the space :( sad to see it go...

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