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Turbo Dynamics Thanks for all your help

PD140 Aug 16, 2010

  1. PD140

    PD140 New Member

    I would just like the thanks the people at Turbo Dynamics for there top service and help in getting me my new turbo

    I went for the stage 2 Hybrid option after having a good look on the net and advice from them .. This should give me some extra power for later.

    Reading what people have said I am looking forward to the mapping but think this will come at a cost with a new clutch needed to get the full power from this unit.

    After seeing the power you can get I will have to have a more limited power map for now till I can upgrade the clutch but the reviews on the people that have speak for them self.

    If you looking for a new turbo then I can recommend Turbo Dynamics. Give them a call and they will help with all your question and needs


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