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Turbo died on my BKD

Pops848 Nov 7, 2012

  1. Pops848

    Pops848 Active Member


    Common problem my turbo has pooped itself on the common 2.0 TDI BKD engine. Thought all would be fine as I have warranty.
    How wrong I was!! They chucked it out because my turbo veins have seized and that is not considered a mechanical breakage.
    My argument is the seized part is the DESCRIPTION of the mechanical breakage. After telling the customer services centre a thing or two they eventually refused to speak to me and told me to write in.

    Well I started researching my rights and was unaware of this little gem ;

    "If you find there's a problem, what you can do will depend how long ago you bought the car.
    [h=3]You discover the fault within six months [/h]You discover the fault within six months of you buying the car, it is presumed that the fault was present when you bought it.
    If the dealer disputes this, it is up to them to prove the fault was not present. A pre-sale ‘tick box’ check of the car’s mechanical condition when it was sold is not sufficient. Neither is a paper you have signed which says something like "examined and found satisfactory in all respects." They need to provide reasonable evidence, such as an independent report into the car’s condition. "

    So now I know a dealer has to sort out the problem, the car is approaching 3 months of ownership so I called them, explained that I wanted a new turbo fitted at their cost.
    I was expecting them to just flatly refuse, but to my amazement they just went "yup" and that was it. I couldn't believe my ears.

    My only battle now is that they want to take the car back and get it sorted their end, but I don't as it means I will be without a car for a week. Get it done my end and it will be a day I will be without a car and I have slightly more control of what goes into the engine oil wise etc.

    I am going to pursue my leaky radiator with the warranty company though, I'm going to annoy the hell out of them now :laugh:

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