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  1. imported_YOGi

    imported_YOGi Guest

    What precautions do people take with their cars in relation to warming up the car letting it cool down etc. Just asking as my friend always runs his subaru for 2 minutes or so before and after his journey to keep the turbo sweet?

    Does anyone else do anything similar?

    Thanks YOGi
  2. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    I dont bother leaving it to idle, but do cool it down for a few minutes beore getting to where im going

  3. Danielson

    Danielson Member

    me 2, never let it sit an idle from cold, does it no good according to my handbook, makes sense really. always give it a minute or two if u have been giving it large. u should try driving it hard at night for about 5 mins, and then quickly pop the bonnet and u can c the ex manifold and turo glowing a good n. wouldnt want to shut it off when its hot like that.. ouch
  4. 2pac

    2pac E3 APC

    U shouldn't leave your car idling to warm up, always drive it. I used to watch me oil temp gauge in the gtir til the oil was warm before giving it increased revs. And U don't always need a turbo timer, just don't starve the turbo of its oil feed by turning it straight off. Always allow at least 60seconds. Longer if its just been thrashed. The best way is do a 'warm down' on the way home, drive it gently when U know your about to stop, then sit in it outside the house and listen to one more track on the radio
  5. Pummy

    Pummy New Member

    If you have an oil temp guage then wait until the oil gets upto about 90 - 110 degrees celcius then you can give the car some beans.

    When it comes to cool down when you get to the end of your journey, drive off boost for the last mile so that the turbo can cool down without you having to wait for the car to idle for soe time before switching off.

    common sense really. If you are going to go WOT the minute you switch on and switch it off immediately after having a hard run the turbo will die quite quickly. Treat it like a workout, warm up and cool down.
  6. imported_YOGi

    imported_YOGi Guest

    Thanks for the advice guys!


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